Crinoid creatures in Cebu

One of my favourite creatures to look at when diving are feather stars (Class Crinoidea). They just seem so alien-like and other-worldly sometimes that I can't help but marvel at them. Here's a super cool video I took of a swimming crinoid at Pescador Island near Moalboal, Cebu. Most of the time, feather stars... Continue Reading →

Moalboal’s sardine run

Hopefully going to find the time to dedicate a few posts to the amazing trip Gwen and I took to Cebu. One of the highlights of our trip was to watch the sardine run in Moalboal. Moalboal is located on the southwestern part of Cebu Island, in Central Visayas, the Philippines. We stayed close to... Continue Reading →

Citizen science and nature-based tourism

Today is World Migratory Bird Day! One of the best activities to join on the resort is the citizen science birdwatching program. Guests are given a photo checklist of common bird species around the resort as well as a pair or binoculars for them to record their sightings. This birdwatching program starts early…at 7 am... Continue Reading →

Life on the water’s edge – Mapur Island

Today, we visited one of the local islands, Mapur. Mapur Island is situated within Kabupaten Bintan, an area of 4729.05 km² that is protected for its rich marine biodiversity. It is located approximately 16 kilometres east of Bintan and is famous for some dive sites such as the Igara Wreck that sits at the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

A new journey…Bintan, Indonesia

After my six month stint in the Maldives, it was time for me to return to an area closer to home. I was fortunate to have the incredible opportunity to work as a Conservation Specialist in the Banyan Tree Bintan Conservation Lab. In the Maldives, there's an incredible amount of research and monitoring done on... Continue Reading →

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