Day 144 , 2nd January 2018 — Reef research surveys in Maldives

It’s finally a wrap! I’ve finished collecting the data for my study on degraded reefs. It’s been a rather rough couple of weeks. We’ve had very choppy waves, uncooperative tide tables, and difficulties trying to get a boat but we’ve eventually collected all the data we needed from Coral Garden. A huge thank you to... Continue Reading →

Day 112 , 1 December 2017 — Reef monitoring at North Male Atoll

The Marine Lab team has been preoccupied this past month with reef monitoring surveys at a total of ten sites. This includes the two islands Angsana Ihuru and Vabbinfaru as well as with nearby sites like Coral Garden. It's been simultaneously tiring and rewarding, and my brain now automatically classifies whatever I see underwater. Whatever... Continue Reading →

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