Day 23, 3 September 2017 — Manta Rays at Lankan Point, Maldives

Another day off! Seeing that I was sick on my previous days off or spent them in Male trying to finish the medical checkups, finally we went out for a dive to find some manta rays! We took the boat out to Lankan Manta Point, a spot often boasted to be one of the best... Continue Reading →

Day 18, 29 August 2017 — Night dives at Angsana Ihuru

When night falls, the entire scene underwater shifts dramatically. Butterflyfish and all the brightly coloured reef fish go into hiding, and the nocturnal fish emerge to hunt. I have quite a lot of fun peeking into the dark holes of corals and seeing fish fast asleep. Parrotfish, wrasses and triggerfish hiding in the coral at... Continue Reading →

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