Day 16, 27th August 2017 — Maldivian food, friends and the Nakaiy

The days are flying by so quickly I barely have had the time to write anything! I've spent most of the days really just catching up on all the fish identification, settling administrative stuff like medical checkups, trying to learn how to translate information about marine conservation to Mandarin for the Chinese guests (玳瑁海龟= Hawksbill... Continue Reading →

Day 6, 17 August 2017 — Work at the Vabbinfaru Marine Lab

After so much hustle and bustle yesterday, today was a more chilled out day. I started off with the usual morning routine...collect food for the turtles, clean them down, change the tank water and then hand feeding the little ones. It's so rewarding to see the little ones eating each day! Hand feeding the turtles... Continue Reading →

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