Stop horsing around: The debate over seahorse trade and conservation

Stop horsing around: The debate over seahorse trade and conservation Unlike any other animal that resembles a horse, the seahorse (family Syngnathidae, genus Hippocampus) is one of the slowest-moving creatures in the world. This family of fish includes the dwarf seahorse, considered by many as the slowest fish, with a top speed of 5 feet... Continue Reading →


The first time I tried SCUBA diving was an entirely impulsive whim. I had only three days before I needed to fly back home, which is barely enough time to complete a basic open water course that was required before you could be licensed as a SCUBA diver. An instructor gave me a crash course... Continue Reading →

Hello there!

This is, I suppose, a rather brave shoutout to the world. My love of the sea first started with a strange dream I'm sure many 6-year-old girls share: The dream to someday be friends with a dolphin and be able to talk to animals. My dog Heidi and I at East Coast Beach 🙂 Naturally, this has... Continue Reading →

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